Gracie’s Maternity Leave + Pausing Patreon + Abbey’s Health

Hello listeners! Gracie here! This Monday I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant! I know right? It crept up FAST! There are only a few episodes left until GMN goes on maternity leave for a few weeks.

Our episode on Se7en (1995) is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, January 28th 2020. Our ninth episode of the season will be released on Tuesday, February 4th and our last episode of the season will be released on Tuesday, February 11th.

PATRONS: You will NOT be charged for March 2020, April 2020 or May 2020. Our goal is to return at the beginning of May but we’ve decided to keep May FREE for you all just in case we need some extra time. I have never paused Patreon before so this will be new for me. From my understanding, every month I have to manually pause your payments. If for some absurd reason I forget or it doesn’t work, I will swiftly refund all of your payments for that month. If you  have any concerns or questions, please email me at I’ll get to your message ASAP.

Our plan is to return May 5, 2020 but like I said above, that is subject to change and I’ll tell you why…

‘What have you done to his eyes!?” JK JK they’re normal!


Now, my baby is due to arrive right around the time the last episode is scheduled to be released… I’m hoping they come later rather than sooner but babies are weird and they kinda just arrive whenever the hell they feel like it. So I am keeping my weeks off for maternity leave very flexible. Recovering from childbirth is…rough…and since I’ve never done it, I am unsure how quickly my body will heal. I’ve also never been a mom before so I’ll have to get into a whole new routine before I start work again. I might be totally fine one week and a complete mess the next (now I really understand why “domestic horror” is a thing)! I love GMN and I’ll never let it go but I also love my child and myself so I want to make sure we are both happy and healthy before anything else.

Okay, so about Abbey’s health… my wonderful and beautiful co-host and I sat down to record the very last episode of the season on Monday but something was wrong. Abbey was not feeling very well so we decided to reschedule. It turned out Abbey needed surgery immediately. SHE IS OKAY. She had her surgery Tuesday night and is now home and recovering. However, her surgery was enough to knock her off her feet for the next few weeks so she won’t be able to record this last episode with me. Normally, we might have just taken some time off but because my baby is due to arrive any day now, we both knew we had to get it done.

So, with Abbey’s blessing, I have asked my very, very good friend Kate to be my special guest for the last episode of the season. Kate is a patron and has been listening to the show since the beginning. She is one of our strongest cheerleaders and one of my dearest friends. She knows more about movies than ANYONE ELSE I KNOW. She is smart and hilarious and I cannot wait for you all to meet her in a few weeks. Because she is my guest, the audio will be different. We’ll be using either Skype or a cell phone to record her audio so keep that in mind! We are scheduled to record the final episode early next week. Again, it is scheduled to be released Tuesday, Feb 11th.

I know this is a lot of changes for you guys all at once but I think this will only make the show stronger! Abbey and I CANNOT WAIT to come back in a few weeks to start the show up again! It’s going to be METAL. I already have a lot of major ideas for the next season!

As always, we wouldn’t be here without you. I’ll be thanking all of you in our last episode but I’ll say it here as well. You have all been the BEST. No, seriously. Running a podcast or any sort of show or business by yourself is really tough but seeing that listener count grow every episode is so encouraging. We don’t just do this show for ourselves, we do it for you too! We love this show and we love you all. It will be hard to take a break but we’re gonna need it if we want this show to keep getting better and better! Thank you for understanding and thank you for your continued support!

We love you all to death!

– Gracie


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  1. Been thinking of you ladies a lot as I listen to old episodes during self-isolation. Love you to death and hope you’re holding up ok in the chaos. Be safe, be well, and know your patrons are here for you!

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