Updates! Struggles! Achievements! OH MY!

Hello listeners, family, and friends!

WOW. What else can I say, really? Listen, a word of advice… if you have the opportunity to move… DON’T. Just kidding! But seriously… moving isn’t easy especially when you have a podcast.

For those who are unaware, my husband and I left our little apartment in Syracuse, NY and moved out west to a gorgeous new apartment in Buffalo, NY (which is about 3 hours away). This move was absolutely necessary. Not just for my husband (who got a sick new job) but also for the podcast. You know why? Because it’s been a fucking struggle trying to get our audio figured out and it’s seriously the best thing to ever happen to the show.

I’m not going to lie, I have had some pretty terrible sleepless nights over trying to figure out our audio for remote recording. Abbey and I have ZERO background in audio arts. Everything we know we learned from my husband (who has a background in radio) and “How-To-Podcast” videos on YouTube. We don’t pretend to be master podcasters. As many of you know, Abbey and I started Good Mourning, Nancy as just a fun project for when we weren’t working our soul-crushing barista and office jobs. When the show started gaining momentum we proudly  jumped into the deep end, head first, without lifejackets. Just when we were getting the hand of recording together… we had to scrap all of that and start learning how to record remotely.

This whole process has been trial and error, guys. There are many websites that have advice and techniques on how to remote record but when we tried them we noticed our sound was NOT what we wanted… we’ve re-recorded multiple episodes this season because of it. It’s been frustrating and stressful… but it’s only making us stronger.

Have any of you heard of the folk tale Two Frogs in Trouble? If you haven’t, let me paraphrase the story for you:

Two frogs are hopping along together near a farm. Suddenly, they both accidentally jump into a bucket of cow milk. They begin swimming in circles, trying to find a way out of the bucket. They even try climbing out but the milk makes them too slippery to climb out. The first frog begins to cry. “This is the end of us, friend!” he says to the second frog. “There is no way out!” The second frog tries to encourage the first frog to not give up but it’s to no avail. The first frog stops swimming and drowns. The second frog, determined to live, keeps swimming. After swimming for hours and hours, the second frog felt his legs and lungs begin to burn. Still, he kept on swimming; and just when he felt like he couldn’t swim any longer, he noticed that the milk had been churned into butter. All of his swimming had paid off! The frog was able to leap out of the bucket and live happily the rest of his days.

My favorite saying might be cliche, but it fits perfectly here: When it comes to sink or swim…ALWAYS SWIM.


So, yeah… that’s how this has been! We’ve both felt like the frog swimming and swimming trying to turn the milk into butter so we don’t drown. It’s been tough and it’s been hard and we’ve had to sacrifice our sound so that we could keep up with this season. The sound is listenable for sure but it’s most certainly NOT what we consider quality for Good Mourning, Nancy.

We want to give you all the best and I want to let you know that we’ve finally arrived at a solution that should be awesome! The next few episodes will have some noticeable jankiness but we hope that doesn’t scare you away because starting in season 6 we are going to have an amazing sounding show again! Thank you all for being patient with us while we ride the struggle bus. We CANNOT WAIT to get back to a sound that we love and we CANNOT WAIT to start recording Coffee Breaks (mini episodes) again! It’s seriously been too long since we’ve gathered ’round the coffee pot and talked about horror news!

You are all so awesome and special to us! Thank you for your continued support! We love you all to death! Have a good “mourning” <3

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