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Okay, so there’s no accounting for the privileged white cisgender female. We’ve got problems, yeah… but we can’t deny that we’re still highly privileged, especially in the horror genre

Listen, Abbey and I want to become better people and to become more aware. For two seasons of GMN, we focused mostly on the Bechdel Test because at the time of GMN’s birth, we legitimately thought that this test was all that mattered for feminism in films. Oh how wrong we were….

Yes, this test is still important. Women with names should be able to talk to each other in everyday (and fantastical) situations about something other than a man. For some unknown, lazy reason, women are hard to write and it’s important to call out films when they can’t seem to pass this seemingly simple test. We’re not giving up on the Bechdel Test, we’re simply improving it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors premiered in 1987 

That’s where Nancy’s Dream Team Test comes into play for the podcast. Much like Nancy’s army of Dream Warriors from Nightmare on Elm Street 3, this test is a way to improve ourselves as well fight against oppression and poor representation in horror. We’ll be asking four extra questions about the film in addition to the Bechdel Test:

1. Was the supporting cast at least 50% women?

2. Did a woman write, direct or produce the film?

3. Was the final girl a person of color?

 4. Were there any openly LGBTQ characters in the film?

This test is still far from perfect and the horror genre is far from perfect. But if horror has proven anything, it’s that it’s capable of adjusting to the times; horror movies are the mirrors that reflect our current fears and anxieties. With the release of such successful horror films as Get Out (2017), we can begin to hope for more positive representation in the near future.

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