Season 2 (ALREADY!?) and The Conjuring (2013)

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Good Mourning, Nancy is just 6 months old (can you believe it!?) and we are already producing season 2!

There will be 10 new full-length movie reviews and discussions as well as a few coffee breaks here and there to fill in the empty weeks. Abbey and I are absolutely thrilled that we have come this far and we really could not have done it without all of you.

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Now, on to season 2 episode 1! The Conjuring! Whoa… what can we say about this film? As far as I know, this is the most recently made film we’ve reviewed (so far). Interestingly enough, I know a lot of people who have not seen it. I was just visiting two friends in New York City and while lounging in their apartment, we flipped through HBO Go to find that both Conjuring movies were available to stream. I was pretty excited to see that they were available, mostly because I knew it was a great way for listeners to watch the movie if they didn’t have the DVD. Sure enough, neither one of my friends had seen either Conjuring movie and the reason why? They thought it was going to be corny and predictable; just another haunted house movie.

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Yes, The Conjuring is just another haunted house movie, truly it is. You can even argue quite strongly that it’s corny and predictable…. because it is. I won’t argue against that. So, why does it stand out to Abbey and I and why, after watching it, did my friends end up LOVING IT?

Unlike other haunted house movies, The Conjuring director and writers understand that serious horror does not have to be all about dread. Maybe this has to do with Ed and Lorraine Warren’s unshakable faith in their religion, but there is an intense sense of hope in this film, something that a lot of horror movies tease you with but then take away from you with a horrific twist ending in which evil still lives and by golly lets you KNOW IT. The Conjuring doesn’t do that. Sure, the ending is slightly ambiguous (no spoilers, don’t worry) but you’re not full of dread like at the ending of The Descent (again, no spoilers). You feel hopeful that as long as Ed and Lorraine are around, everything will be fine.

Speaking of Ed and Lorraine Warren, they are the power couple of horror movies. Seriously, they are every horror movie couples’ dream am I right? Their story to help the Perrons rid the evil in their house and in the mother (played brilliantly by Lili Taylor) is like an adventure story that I would go as far as to say is similar to a Spielberg or Lucas film. Only it’s awesome because they are like, happily married. How often do you have films about MARRIED couples going on supernatural adventures together? Top that all off with legit scares? You seriously have one hell of a just another haunted house movie on your hands.


The Conjuring is the perfect film to begin season 2 with just for that reason. Yes, we think it’s scary but we also think it’s fun and it shows that with teamwork and faith in each other and your success, you can conquer anything. That’s exactly what we’ve done.

Welcome back to Good Mourning, Nancy! We can’t to share this season with you!

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  1. Ah, see you hit the nail on the head with what makes this one work so well. It was a fantastic formula they created using a married couple and the power of love mixed in with a ghost story. For this one, I thought the balance was perfect as it was still a horror movie with fantastic acting that sold the relationship. The second one though, well *pukes*

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