Our First Episode: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The first time I listened to this episode after Luke, our amazing Technical Editor, sent it to me, I knew we had something great.  (I also realized that I need to stop saying “like” and “um” so much). This has been one of my favorite horror films to watch for the simple fact that it holds a lot of nostalgic value as one of the very first horror films I ever watched. The very reason why I am so terrified of the sound of chainsaws, empty little towns, hollow old houses, and serial killers like Ed Gein.  I was SO excited to talk about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I notice something different every time I watch it. I think it is easy to get caught up in the atrocity and grittiness of the movie and miss the little things, like the names of the teenagers who are mercilessly slaughtered by this family of cannibals, or the reason why these poor kids are on a journey through the heat of Texas in a janky old van in the first place. I love the discussion that recording this episode brought out in both Gracie and I, because I think it can give some new material to fans of Texas Chainsaw.

I absolutely love Sally, the final girl in Texas Chainsaw. She fights so hard to get out of the hell-hole she’s in and make it to safety. She even jumps through a glass window….TWICE. There have been many moments in my life where I have wanted to give up and stay under the covers, but then there’s Sally, who fights again and again to get away from the ever present threat. She succeeds when she is able to finally jump in the back of a passing truck and escape the clutches of Leatherface, laughing all the way. 

Sally (Marilyn Burns) finally escapes the Sawyer clan! (www.splatterjunkie.com)

I’m glad that this was my first scary flick because it showed me that most women in this genre can be fierce and their will to survive trumps any monstrous thirst for blood. As a young girl, it made me think, “If Sally can survive Leatherface and the Sawyer family, I can handle puberty, middle school, high school, and whatever else life is going to throw my way.” I know I have been like Sally ever since. In fact, Gracie and I have both been like Sally working on this podcast. There have been many moments of frustration and doubt but we just kept jumping through the glass windows that stood between us and success!

We can relate our podcast to this film in many ways because the success that this film yielded was totally unexpected. It was made on a low budget with fresh actors and actresses who had little to no experience, but were willing to fight tooth and nail to make it as great as it could possibly be. And here we are almost 40 years later, still talking about it. It seemed fitting that we should talk about this in our first episode for that reason. Gracie and I have had to learn as we go, but it’s not stopping us from making something great. Plus, the obstacles and learning experiences we’ve had to face make great behind-the-scenes bonus material, much like that of Texas Chainsaw.

It is still so crazy to me that we’re releasing our first podcast episode this week. When Gracie asked me to embark on this journey with her, I had no idea what I was getting into, but I trusted that it’d be a great time, as all of my adventures with Gracie and her family have been. It blossomed into so much more than just a podcast, and I knew that after recording our first episode together. As the weeks go on and we become more comfortable behind the mic, our episodes continue to get better and better. I mean, our audience grew before we even had content released! (Thanks, Social Media!) As you can imagine, we’ve started to feel the pressure that I’m sure MANY podcasters feel, we’ve experienced some hiccups, we set up our homemade studio diligently every Tuesday, send frequent text and Facebook messages throughout the week but now here we are… Welcome to our first episode, “Head Cheese.” Enjoy!

  • Abbegail Brown
Leatherface (Gunner Hansen) madly swings his chainsaw in his final scene. (www.blumhouse.com)

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